Squid Calamari in Spiced Ragout Sauce by Jose Gourmet


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Baby squid in a delicious spiced ragout sauce from Portugal. You'll want some extra bread to soak up every bit of this sauce from the tin!

Based in Lisbon, JOSE Gourmet is a family-run canning operation that works with a network of small producers and fishermen to showcase exceptional Portuguese products. They are fervently committed to fair trade practices and pride themselves on paying all producers fair prices in a timely manner for the wonderful raw ingredients they source. Matching the spectacular products, JOSE Gourmet has also partnered with several well-known Portuguese artists to create individual labels for each item - many of the labels are whimsical and playful, alluding to the innovative approach this family is taking in presenting the best of Portugal to the world.

120g / 4.1 oz