Jamón Ibérico de bellota by FERMIN, sliced - 16 oz (450g+)


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Cured for a minimum of 48 months, this jamón Ibérico de bellota from Embutidos FERMIN has excellent marbling and wonderful flavor. This bellota ham is very distinct from the 3 year jamón Ibérico, and should be enjoyed on its own, so that the complex, delicate flavors are not overpowered by other items/ingredients. From limited annual production, these 100% Ibérico pigs roam through the Dehesa's oak groves feasting on acorns during the montanera season. Family-owned Embutidos FERMIN has been producing world-renowned, artisanal jamon in La Alberca (Salamanca), Spain since 1956.

A whole bone-in jamón is perfect for gatherings, weddings, or parties -- but may be too much for a household to consume while it is at its peak. Purchasing hand-sliced jamón gives you the opportunity to taste or serve jamón without committing to an entire piece -- as well as having jamón that is properly sliced, to guarantee that you will be able to savor the unique flavors and aromas of jamón Ibérico. 

We do not offer machine-sliced packages from a boneless jamón, because the complex aromas, texture, directional slices, and flavor qualities of jamón Ibérico are best preserved only when sliced by hand with a knife from a bone-in jamón . It is more labor-intensive, but well worth the extra effort for this gastronomic jewel. 

Hand-sliced packages also allow you to taste different parts of the jamón, each of which have their own distinct marbling, texture, and flavor profiles. 

  • From the famed pata negra black pigs of the Iberian peninsula; certified 100% Ibérico de bellota by CALICER.
  • Ibérico de bellota - free range, raised on a diet of acorns and foraged plants.
  • At least 16 oz (450g+) Net Weight of sliced jamón, comprised of several packages 
  • Sliced from a bone-in ham (rear leg, NOT shoulder/paleta) by our cortador in Portland, Oregon. 
  • A unique opportunity to savor the nuances from various parts of the jamón.
  • Professionally sliced by hand with a knife.
  • Carefully arranged in each sheet to avoid smothering slices, ensuring texture qualities are preserved. 
  • Immediately vacuum-sealed upon slicing to prohibit oxidation. 
  • Packaged in individual sheets that are ideal for travel, or using one at a time as needed. 
  • Sheets may be transferred to a platter for easy plating/entertaining. 
  • Shipped via expedited 2-Day USPS Priority Mail.