• Jamón Ibérico by FERMIN, sliced - 16 oz (450g+)


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    Cured for a minimum of 36 months, this jamón Ibérico from Embutidos FERMIN has great marbling and rich flavor. Unlike Jamón Serrano, this jamón has very light salt notes that complement other dishes, or can be enjoyed on its own. Family-owned Embutidos FERMIN has been producing world-renowned, artisanal jamon in La Alberca (Salamanca), Spain since 1956.

    A whole bone-in jamón is perfect for gatherings, weddings, or parties -- but may be too much for a household to consume while it is at its peak. Purchasing hand-sliced jamón gives you the opportunity to taste or serve jamón without committing to an entire piece -- as well as having jamón that is properly sliced, to guarantee that you will be able to savor the unique flavors and aromas of jamón Ibérico. 

    We do not offer machine-sliced packages from a boneless jamón, because the complex aromas, texture, directional slices, and flavor qualities of jamón Ibérico are best preserved only when sliced by hand with a knife from a bone-in jamón . It is more labor-intensive, but well worth the extra effort for this gastronomic jewel. 

    Hand-sliced packages also allow you to taste different parts of the jamón, each of which have their own distinct marbling, texture, and flavor profiles. 

    • From the famed pata negra black pigs of the Iberian peninsula
    • Ibérico de cebo - raised on a diet of grains and foraged plants
    • At least 16 oz (450g+) Net Weight of sliced jamón, comprised of several packages 
    • Sliced from a bone-in ham (rear leg, NOT shoulder/paleta) by our cortador in Portland, Oregon. 
    • A unique opportunity to savor the nuances from various parts of the jamón.
    • Professionally sliced by hand with a knife.
    • Carefully arranged in each sheet to avoid smothering slices, ensuring texture qualities are preserved. 
    • Immediately vacuum-sealed upon slicing to prohibit oxidation. 
    • Packaged in individual sheets that are ideal for travel, or using one at a time as needed. 
    • Sheets may be transferred to a platter for easy plating/entertaining. 
    • Shipped via expedited 2-Day USPS Priority Mail.