• Black cherry preserves by Favols


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    This wonderful jam with whole split cherries is specially made to pair with sheep cheese, such as brebis/Ossau Iraty from Pays Basque. Made with the renowned black cherries of southern France.

    Founded over 40 years ago and located in the village of Villeneve-sur-Lot in Southwestern France, Favols has been able to preserve the authenticity of local products while adapting them to the growing demand of consumers. Virtual goldsmiths in their fruit products, Favols enjoys close proximity and relatioships with growers in the region that value quality over productivity.

    Producing award-winning jams for decades, Favols has mastered the art of maintaining the original flavor profile of the fruit, while adding just the right amount of sugar to complement, rather than impair the natural fruit flavor.

    Gluten-free; vegan.

    3.88 oz