Conservas are delicious tins of seafood and vegetables that you'll find in many tapas bars and restaurants of Spain and France. From baby artichokes, to lobster rillettes, bonito tuna loins, and even petite Galician mussels, these culinary delights are prized because of the high quality of ingredients.

Using only the best of the season's harvest, the raw ingredients are trimmed and packed by hand in each tin (or glass jar) -- then bathed in olive oil or sauce. Over time, the flavors of the seafood or vegetable combine with the olive oil and overall flavor is enhanced, creating a wonderful product that can either be used in a recipe, or consumed as-is.

Just a few reasons why conservas are great for everyday use in your kitchen:

  • a medley of flavors
    Seafood and vegetable conservas offer a wide array of applications and flavors for your kitchen. From ready-to-eat, to elaborate applications, they can be incorporated into tradtional as well as avant-garde dishes.

  • convenience
    All of our conservas are ready-to-eat, making them a practical, easy to prepare, and quick option for meals. You can enjoy them anywhere, and in their simplest preparation, just open the container and eat them right away.

  • the season's best
    Seafood and vegetables for conservas are harvested at the peak of the season, when they are at their best. Raw ingredients are immediately prepared for conservation with precise sanitary methods to guarantee food safety, quality, and pristine finished products.

    You'll always know exactly what is in your food, as each label indicates all harvest/expiration dates you should be aware of, as well as recommended portions, and dietary information.

  • produced naturally, of course.
    Conservas don't use any preservatives. They are sterilized when sealed, keeping the ingredients in an optimum state until consumption. In addition to flavor and variety, conservas maintain virtually all of the nutritional properties of the raw products, because they undergo minimal preparation before canning.

  • low environmental impact
    Since they don't require refrigeration, conservas don't waste valuable energy resources to keep them stored.
    The containers are also 100% recyclable!


Created by the owners of Viridian Farms, Conserva is focused on curating authentic flavors of Spain and France. We source and offer a unique collection of specialty foods via an online store, a culinary boutique (located in Portland, OR), and through wholesale distribution direct to restaurants.

Researching distinct regions, participating in culinary symposiums, and traveling throughout the Iberian peninsula for the past 20+ years, founders Leslie and Manuel Antonio Recio draw from their cultural and culinary knowledge of specific locales to guide our selection of products.

Since 2004 we have grown and sourced specialty products from Spain and France for distributors, retailers, and a great number of chefs from notable restaurants nationwide. Many on these items are now available at; if you are looking for a specific product that isn't on our site, don't hesitate to contact us.  

We look forward to introducing you to new foods from this wonderful region.